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hate work

i hate work at the moment...

i work for a building society and the targets that we have to achieve are unreal.....

i have been told that if we don't volunteer to do a late night 'unpaid' that our dedication to the job will be in question.

i only work 14 hours a week for a reason I AM A MUM 

Sorry for the rant but the are doing my head in at the mo ....... thanks for listerning



  • by law you can 'request' flexi working they don't have to give it. But if your hours are 14 and that is what is in your contract they can't 'threaten' you to do more paid or unpaid thats disgusting.
  • Rachael that really is disgusting behaviour on their part, surely they can't request that especially unpaid!
  • they are putting the pressure on now

    im working an extra 20 hour over 3 days paid though.... but i hate having to put on my mum all the time she works early morning and maisys dad works nights

    its hard enough sorting my normal working days out without this extra. my sis has maisy thurday morning then my mum has her thursday afternoon ....but my sister is pregnant with twins so i dont know how long she is going to beable to do it for

    so i wll probable have to sort my hours out again................ why cant i be paid the bring up maisy lol


  • Rachel, I employ 9 staff and i know for sure that if i ever 'requested' that they should work some hours unpaid that they would quickly take legal action!

    There is an organisation called Acas, should be able to find details on the net, we ring them when we want to check that we are sticking to the rules, so do our staff! Also, keep any e-mails or letters where your employers have incinuated this, if nothing has been written down, make sure you make a note of what, when and who said it.

    Hope this helps,

    Take care x

  • i wish i could find a work from home job! im feeling sad with work at mo, i work as a postie outside in this bad weather and feel like i dont want to go to work, i used to love my job. i would love to stay home with millie all day but we have a mortgage ans dylans pay doesnt cover it, crap xxx
  • or win the lottery that would be nice xx
  • isnt it sad the world we live in at the moment..............

    our mums probable didnt work because when they had children they just stayed at home (in most cases anyway)

    in the newspapers parents being blamed for kids going off the rails and recently that parents probably spend about a hour a day interacting with there children bacause thay have to work long hour etc and with the price of everything going up most people dont have a choice

    sorry for the moan again


  • That's terrible treatment from your employer!  image

    Good advice from Emma.

    It would be lovely to be paid to bring up children wouldn't it? image


  • Thats so bad of them,i eventually left my job after going to my HO over my(at the time boss)but all they did was demote him and i never recieved an appology from him for the things he said to me.

    the web address you need is i also have check with them as adis boss was threating his job over the amout of time he needs off with his back,he knew all this when he employed adi so have no idea why his having a hissy about it.

    Best of luck with it and stick to you guns.

  • hi ye i known how you feel as i work for a bank and when back to work in august.
    i was an assistant manager and when to was time to go back to work we had a change in managers and am not the assistant manager ,but a cashier instead as they think it is best as i only work three days a week but full days (21hours)and hate it ever day.
    i also think the targets they set are unreal and hard to achieve but we have been told if we do not like it to find another job,
    also i have been told i have got pnd and the doctor was going to sign me of for 2 weeks ,my works was not happy and said i was to come into work.
    so have as can not aforward to lose my job at the moment.

    shazz x
  • OMG Shazza thats so not right. You have every right to be signed of work for this reason and your company have no right to sack you over it nor are they allowed to demote you unless you stay at the same pay(i do believe).

    You need to check with the web address i posted above, acas,you will find all you need to no.

  • Thats disgusting - when iw as pregnant our main consultant had the attitude the nursing staff worked until the patients left the building sometimes after 6.30pm when i live an hour away and start at 8 am- which for a while we did out of obligation until we stopped being paid for it - on the dot of 5pm if he had booked too many patients in and there were loads still in the waiting room we would get our coats and bags and go home. He 'threatened' us with action until we pointed out our contract was til 5 - if he wanted to pay the £35 an hour for private 'out of hours nursing' one of us would stay - but he didn't of course - they are all the same!

    Stick to your guns Rachel, have you got a union? - or take the advise of both Emma's you have a child and they have to understand that!

    I agree Wouldn't it be lovely to be paid to be a mum!!!

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