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becoming a midwife

hi girlies once again i'm after some adviceimage

i'm really really keen to become a midwife,but i'm not sure how i'm going to be able to manage to do the course and be a mum and a wife at the same time.

i was just wondering if any of you knew of anyone who has trained to be a midwife but also coped with a small child,family life etc.....


  • Hiya hun,

    i was just about to apply to train when i fell pregnant with jack!! Id just completed Health and social care diplomas.

    My friend went ahead and all the women chosen had children, she was told by someone at the open day they lean towards mums, 

    The course she was going to do, may be different but, 2 days college 3 in work, 9-5 kinda plan! iyswim, im sure there is flexibility for mums, But i know from experience they prefer them! Ive met quite a few trainees when pg with lola i offered to be a guinea pig and they kinda learn on the job, shadow on home visits do the basic tests etc, i should imagine with planning and routine youd manage well!

    Best of luck hun, and do let us know how you get on, id love to go back to it!

  • Hello

    my cousin started training to be a midwife after her first one, she now has four......   i think she started with an open university course so she could work from home when it suited her.....  she is now qualified changed her plans and now works in scbu.

    good luck with it. x

  • Oh best of luck Zoe,good career choice. I know a midwife,she has no children,and has done it for years,she was a nusre first,then went on to do midwifery.

    I'm sure if it's what you want in life,you'll find a way to acheive it,us girls are good at that! When you train,just keep reminding yourelf that in the end that job provides probably more job satisfaction than any other! Good luck to you x

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