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Anxious about returning to work

I'm sure this is completely natural but I just need to hear it from those of you that have gone back to work - that everything will be alright.

I don't go back for 10 weeks but I'm already really anxious about leaving LO in the nursery for what seems like AGES (8.30 - 5.30) even though it's only twice a week. Her grandma is having her another day but them I'm anxious that she'll get tired as she's 61 and it will be a long day for her.

Also I worry about how I'll get the house work done, food cooked, LO dressed in the morning. It just feels like such a massive step. AND on top of that I'm going back after a year off, will be out of sinc with what's been going on, my job role has actually gotten bigger. I'm just panicking right now.


  • I feel your pain! I came back 4th Jan - had little one in May 2010 as it goes i'm actually pregnant again & i'm back 5 days a week 9am - 5.30pm so i'm finding it a real struggle energy wise.

    LO is teething at the moment so not an awful lot of sleeping going on & got SPD from hell.

    Walking through the door on that first day was the hardest bit, after that it's not so bad. I will be going on mat leave 1st april again - i'm really hoping a can go part-time next year tho. I don't like the idea of working full time with 2 kids but I may have to as we need a bigger house. As for housework, seeing friends etc... it's all gone out the window for me I feel very 'out of touch'.

    All in all I would love to be a SAHM!!!

    If your part-time (sounds like you are) then lucky you - you have best of both worlds try not to worry!
  • Thanks. At the moment I have full time but I'm hoping to compress my hours so I only have to work 4 days a week. I work for the CEO so it's a BIG job. I'm just worried that I won't be able to juggle my LO (my priority) and my workload and will end up having to leave.

    Love my LO but I do love working too and it sure helps pay the bills.
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