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Freelance and maternity pay

Hi all! Quick query - does anyone know anything about maternity pay and being a freelancer. I've worked as a freelancer for the same company for three years. I'm guessing this would mean I would fall into the catergory for statutory maternity pay but I'm not sure if my continuous employment includes holidays. Has anyone else been in the same situation and do you know whether I'm...

a.) Entitled to statutory maternity pay

b.) When I should tell my employer of my pregnancy.

Thanks loads.



  • Hi - I was in a similar position. You're entitled to Maternity Allowance - which is basically the same . you have to fill out a form and produce a couple of invoices. I'm about to get my first payment in the next 2 weeks -  £124.88 / week. mine will run from 01/07/10 to 30/03/10. I didn't have any problems. You just download the form - just do a search for it, then send it off. I told my regulars just after the 3 month scan - although I was so ill they had pretty much guessed anyway!

     Hope this helps

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