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contract due to end in December, baby due in January - maternity pay advice!

Hi all,

I'm currently working a job on a maternity cover contract which finishes in December. i was really hoping they were going to make me permanent but they won't be able to confirm just yet, until they know what my maternity cover lady is doing, which won't be til Autumn. My issue is I've just found out I'm prengant again, 5 weeks, and due in January so would be looking to finish end of Dec anyway. However, I doubt my bosses will offer me a permanent job now, so won't qualify for maternity pay, but will i qualify for Maternity allowance. I have an awful feeling you have to apply for this before you go on maternity, and without knowing when exactly my contract is due to end, I have no idea when I'll definitely going on maternity!

Any advice?
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