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I want a job......................


im sorry guys for being abit blue and gloom but i really really REALLy want a job to fit around family life and my 3 kids, but rite now sitiing idle at home is doin my head in....i want to feel like me again, which i haven't for the last 8 years. ive got an hons in biomedical science and done nothin with it, and now nobody wants to know me when i have so much to give.....

pleaase can neone make suggestions of wat i cud do? i just need sumbody, nebody to give me a helping hand and/or advice on how to get started who has had experience and knowledge in the real world that i so want to be part of now.....please please please sumbody help me???

nebody?!?!?!?! :? :? :?


  • I know how you feel hun... image Could you go and speak to the careers' adviser at your old university? I know it has been a while, but they may be able to give you some guidance... Otherwise, I know it is very difficult to get a job at the moment, especially if you have been out of work for a while and even more so if you have a degree and the job doesn't require one, as they wonder why you would want to do it... It really annoys me, surely it is up to us to decide whether it is something we want to do?

    Have you thought about volunteering? It may be easier to get a volunteer role, and then you may have the experience to apply for a job?

    You will find something hun, don't dispair, but it may take time.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi i know it might not be what you are looking for but i work in a cafe in a well known store and they treat you fantasticily and get paided an ok wage,plus company benifits and in the cafe they like to have people who can do 10-2 (which fits in for people doing school runs ect) as its our power hours where we are busy(so shift goes quickly) and it helps to cover lunches. thought id mention it incase it is something you might consider whilst looking for a job in the feild you want to work in?

    I gave upo nursing to do it as its stress free although i work full time as im luckiy enough to have my mum and inlaws to help with school run xx
  • Hi there

    Have you thought about party planning? I have just started as a consultant for Neals Yard Remedies (organic skincare). It's great as it fits around my 2 girls (3 and 7 months), earn some extra money and makes me feel like I have a brain again! I was a Sales Engineer for many years before having children.

    With Neals Yard there is absolutely no pressure at all to achieve targets, sales etc... You are very much your own boss but the support is there if you would like it.

    If you would like more information visit my website or email me at [email protected]

    Whatever you decide to do - all the best! x

  • I know its been a while ago since you posted, but i dont get the chance to go on here much.

    Before I post I was just wondering if you have found a job yet?
  • no.............. no job yet. u got ne suggestion joey???
  • Hi Cas,

    Have you thought about on line selling? In particular Ebay?

    Have a look at

    for some ideas and inspiration!


  • Hi just wondered if you found a job yet I have agreat job working from home and it fits fantastically round my kids drop me and email and I can tell you more [email protected] xxxxx
  • Hi 

    I am a stay at home mum with a baby girl and a 12 year old son. I have a flexible job that is quite fun & easy and can work around baby naps, school runs, laundry etc. 

    All I have to do is internet research and postings about a DIY Website Builder & Free Business Cards Offer (you can see more info on link below). I find if I dedicate around 2-3 hours per day this is enough to produce a decent income. I work online in a virtual office so it is nice that I can have a little chit chat with others now and again, it also helps motivate me each day ???

    The DIY Website Builder is a great solution for freelancers, start ups & businesses because it helps them have an impressive online presence, increases their profile & customers. Basically you would be introducing people to a service that will genuinely help them - therefore you can be proud of what you are promoting whilst earning income for yourself at the same time.

    Training is provided but it really is as simple as copying & pasting offer text on the internet, answering general enquiries and forwarding people to the website. As every customer receives free business cards with their website, getting people interested is very, very easy. 

    It is sooooo much easier than trying to sell beauty products and tuppawares to people that do not want them and you can do it sitting in front of the TV.

    You should give it a go - you can read info here:  

    Hope that helps xx

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