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Teachers, please help!

Hi girlies,

If you've seen my other post, you'll know we've started trying (as off last night, lol!).

I'm a primary school teacher on a temporary contract until August 2012 so I know I won't be able to take Maternity leave. The thing is, I will find out in April whether or not I will be staying.

What I'm wondering is if we have been lucky and fallen now, baby will be due before the end of the school year in July. Does anyone know what would happen with my contract and how pay would work please? I imagine it would be awkward what with potentially having to cover me for the last two weeks, but I've had enough of work dictating the rest of my life.

Any advice or knowledge appreciated!

Gem x


  • Hey,

    Not entirely sure how it would work but I took the last 2 weeks of term off from a temp contract to go travelling and it was fine. They just changed the end date of my contract. Not sure how it would work with mat pay but u might be able to get some mat pay as you'll have worked up till your due.

    I'd worry about it when it happens as I worried and it took us 13 months to get a bfp!

    Good luck
  • I'm not a teacher but have been working a temporary contract due to end 31st Dec. I'm not pregnant and starting maternity leave 23rd Dec (I decided to finish a week early as office only open a couple of days between Christmas and New year.) I've been told by my employer that I'm not entitled to maternity pay but I am entitled to maternity allowance which works out around ??128 per week, so around the same as MP.

    If you are pregnant now, you'll probably have told them by April so looks unlikely that they'll keep you on (obviously if you feel they're not keeping you on because of pregnancy you could sue them, but it would be tricky to prove!).

    The directgov website might be able to help you with regards to pay and don't forget you'll be able to claim child benefit ??81 per 4 weeks, and childtax credit if you and your partner earn less than ??40k.
  • Hi

    I am a teacher. You don't officially have to notify your employer of your pregnancy until week 25 (15 weeks before baby is due) so just keep trying and don't worry. It may be that you will only be just pregnant when April comes. I didn't start to show until I was about 16 weeks anyway so you can hide it for a while. A bit sneeky but you have to think of yourself.

    Good Luck
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