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Job interview

Hi i have a question im 6 week pregnant and have a job interview for a day job in the nhs and i am wondering if  should tell them at the interview or if i get offerd the job do i tell the then can they withdraw a job offer if  told them if  got offerd the job ?

help please as at the moment i work nights on my own in a care home and i have a 4 year old so this job is ideal as it a day job in a outpatients department 


  • I wouldn't say anything as you are so early it is possible that you wouldn't know yet. Once they have offered you the job they can not withdraw the offer due to your pregnancy. The NHS are very good regarding employment law and equality but even so I wouldn't say until the job is yours.

    Good luck!

  • Personally I would probably not tell them until after I had started the job, if it was offered. You are early enough to say you didnt know? I don't know if they can withdraw the job offer though, sorry.
  • Haha I see 2 of us are thinking the same!
  • I just read your post and thought the same!!
  • Thank you image hopefully i get the job 


  • how did it go?

    I got a job once where I was pregnant when I started. was a bit awkward, but I still work there!

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