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NHS Maternity pay

I have recently accepted a new job (im a nurse) and im just to start early next month, its still in the NHS but within a different trust.  Problem is I have just found out that im pregnant, unplanned buy myself and my husband to be (6 months are quite happy about it) my worry is how this will effect my maturnity pay?? 

Can anyone help??


  • Hellooo!!! I'm a psychiatric nurse working for the NHS, I was offered my new job and they knew I was pregnant, because its the same company your maternity rights are transferred over (considering you we're working for the NHS before?) so it shouldn't be a problem!! Only bugger is we will only get basic pay because obviously no unsocial hours etc! Hope this helps and congratulations image
  • Oh yes, just re read, yeah it should be fine, mine was the same trust but I'm almost 100% sure it's transferred to different trusts too!
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