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Childminder Issues

Hi,  Im new to this and this is my first post.  I need some advice with regards to my childminder.  She has been minding for us since my first son was 15 mths old and we have never had any problems with her however since she has taken on my 2nd son who is now a year old she has become very difficult and unreliable.  

Firstly she started taking alot of odd days of for appointment and when I questioning whether there is something we should be concerned about she reveiled she was pregnant.  He mum who was helping out part time is now her full time assistant and this is when the issues have started.

Firstly it was little things like a commenting that my husband was dropping off early when its the same time he has dropped off for the past 2 years.  Then saying my youngest is "starving" within an hour of being in her care and questioning what we were giving him for breakfast.  Most recently that he is constantly grumpy, crying and clingy all day and refuses to eat.  I explained that he is teething and have packed Capol/neurofen incase he needs it.  

The thing that really got me was when she said "you almost got a call today to pick him up because we just couldnt do anything with him" and they had to let him cry it out when I asked if she had given any medicine she said no!!!  When I spoke to the minder when her mum wasnt around I stresed that I am not comfortable with him being let to cry it out if he is distressed and in pain and completely unacceptable.  

I then got a message last night saying that because her assistant (mum) was ill she couldnt care for either of the boys as she need to stay within her numbers.  This has never been an issue before especially as her mum has only recently become her full time assistant.  I have emailed her asking for an explanation as the contracts states she will be unable to care for the boys if she is ill or on holiday etc but nothing about her assistant.  It just seems to be one thing after another.  Both my husband and myself work full time and dont get paid if we have to have a dependancy care day.  We have already had to take odd day holidays to cover her appointments.  My youngest always looks teary eyed when I pick him up and just worried that he is getting neglected.  I can affod to move him to a nursery until my oldest starts school in September and no other minder is going to have him for just a few months.

Just want some advice image .  


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