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22 weeks and struggling at work

Hi, new to this site but wondered if anyone else was struggling with work?

I am arestaurant manager and my boss is so little help it's tragic.

My Deputy left several months ago so I have been left understaffed for months now and with no replacement in sight. I wouldn't mind but I have raised my concerns with my boss about management numbers and he just waffles off the subject. I have pointed out that it also means I can't take any time off as well as generally lacking the support I need and again he just avoids the subject. I even approached HR to say that I didn't think it was entirely appropriate to have to go 5 months with no holiday especially whilst pregnant and they just told me to speak to my boss. 

Now I'm 22 weeks, have had a stunning cold for a week now, headaches and generally  exhausted what with long shifts with no breaks, deliveries and working in a 2 level restaurant which means running up and down the stairs all day and then you can throw in the night shifts followed by earlies.

Last week when I was Ill I literally wanted to lay down and die. Now I am justpermanently in tears at the thought of work and look like a wreck.

My boss has kids but whEn mine was I'll I was told I couldn't have the day off to look after her as I was due to attend a meeting.

Pin an effort to no moan on any longer I'll cut it there but these are just the highlights really!


Anyone else survived an incompetent man boss? Please share!!



  • Can u get signed off for a bit chick? sure if you explain to the doctor they will b able to help. They'd realise just how much they're relying on you then and hr would have to finally admit they need to do something, especially if you get work related stress as the reason on ur sick note. They have a legal duty to act then, i had 8 weeks off with it my employers had to have a meeting with me sum1 from hr and sum1 from h&s and I wasn't even pregnant. employers have to b very careful where pregnant employees r concerned. Besides it sounds like u cud do with a break Hun x

  • If your sick your sick. Your boss can go do one. It might take you not being there for them to realise you need those extra staff. Can you speak to the bosses boss at all if they have one? I'm only 9 weeks but am currently in my 2nd week off work as I'm exhausted and nausuas so there's no way I can drive the 50 mins to work and then back again.

    your employer has a legal responsibility to provide adequate conditions. Have they done a specific risk assessment And sent this to HR? Mine had to be done within a week of me informing my boss and I only told him as it means I can't go out on track anymore. 

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