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Nhs maternity pay

I currently work for the nhs. I'm entitled to full mat pay which is 8 wks full pay, 18 half pay +stat maternity pay and 13 wks statutory mat pay, I'm a band 5 so how much approx would I get per month? I hear people complaining saying it's not that much and their pay is really down!!!


  • That's much much better than everyone else's pay! In my last pregnancy I got the government stat pay which is 6 weeks at 90% then 33 at stat which in 2009 was about £105 a week. This time I got made redundant at 9 weeks preg and no one would take me on with a bump so I'm on stat pay from the dwp for the full 39 weeks and it's £136 a week. Whatever you get per month will depend on what your earning now and how they pay u (whether you get a set amount of weeks each month or your pay normally varies each month with however many weeks happen to be in that month)

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