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Hi ladies sorry I have never used one of these before and unsure of how it works. Please bare with me haha. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice, I currently returned to work after having 2 years off to care for my youngest son. He doesn't keep very well and is prone to chest infections and has been admitted to hospital nearly every time he becomes ill as he goes downhill fast. Oscar was in hospital over the weekend with a ear,throat and chest infection. He was given antibiotics to take home, I was off work on Monday to care for him and my other son then returned Tuesday. Oscar took a turn last night and is really unwell again today. I am not at work today and had to phone in sick again. I am worried my work might dismiss me as I have been off quick a few times since returning but I have proof that my son is genuinely ill and I am not at it at all. Can they sack me for being off with my son? Can I add I am a single parent, no family just my grandma who's 76 who sometimes cares for the boys. Their dad turned his back on them so I can't ask him for help. Thanks girls sorry it's an essay xxx


  • No Hun u have a right to at least 13 weeks off unpaid parental leave to care for ur children if they're sick. If they sacked u on the grounds u had to keep taking time off for ur ill son then it could be unfair dismissal and u could take them to an employment tribunal x

  • Thank you Hun I was worried cause I really enjoy my job and need the money also. Thanks again xx
  • We have more rights than we thinkimage hope ur lil man is better soon x

  • Thank goodness for that our children come first some places don't get that though. Thank you hunni back at doctors again tomorrow image xxx
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