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Would you apply for a job knowing you are pregnant, and that the job starts in September?


  • I think it would depend on the job, but personally i would be starting work to leave a month or so later to have my baby x

  • I was on jsa whilst preg, I had to keep baby a secret and didn't like it but u do wot u gotta do don't u x

  • Yes...and tell me more! 

  • I take it you're a teacher too Sarah?! Yeah I'd be starting in September to go on ML in November :-/

    But teaching jobs in the right place are SO hard to come by and this one is 10 minutes max from my house, rather than the 1-1.5 hour commute I do each way at the moment. 


    I'm fairly sue I'd get it, too image

  • Go for it...!!!!!!!

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