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Anyone working night shifts?

Hey all well after being made redundant last July at 9 weeks pregnant having never ever been out of work since I was 15, I'm buzzing to say I've finally landed a temp to possibly perm position at the Tesco superstore just at the bottom of my road! I've opted for night shifts as it means I don't have to pay for childcare and the money is absolutely phenomenal. I've been given 3 nights fri, sat and sun 10pm till 7am which suits me down to the ground as I can still spend my evenings with my family and get the girls fed bathed and to bed and my partner and our families and friends will help out looking after the kids so I can get a few hours sleep. Just wondering if any mums out there have worked nights and how they coped? Any tips or advice welcome x


  • Cant help hun but congratualtions on the job!

    I was thinking of doing the exact same for somewhere like tesco as only ten min walk from mine. Hope it goes well x
  • Hi LH86, Congratulations on your new job! I worked a few night shifts when I was pregnant with my second and found having a cat nap during my break,really helped as well as having some energy packed snacks for when I felt i was flagging. During the day, try breaking your sleep pattern, as i found sleeping for one long period left me even more tired! hope this helps and good luck! image

  • Hi LH86 the change in routine is definitely a major change to the biological system an d requires lots of time to adjust with. I am sure you are finding the routine great now that you are used to it. The key advice I could give having worked nights with children home during the day needing attention is that if you can really block out sunlight from your bedroom windows that would be ideal so that everything in your control can be done to prevent sleep loss. Please do share how you have been managing!!!!!

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