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Working from home

After going back to work part time after my third- I'm so glad I started a work from home job to supliment my income. The £11,000 pay cut & higher childcare would have beven crippling. 

Any no other work from home mums here? Or mums wanting to try working from home? 

Childcare re is a killer ????


  • I used to work from home, now I work 3 or 4 nights a week at Tesco and part time from home for my dad x

  • Hi mummy Vicci 

    I want to  work  from  home  as I have 3 year old  son.. can u suggest  which is the best way to  do so.

  • I'm interested in this too. Would love to find something I can do working from home

  • I would also love to hear some work from home idea's my wee one is 2 and I hate being away from her 4 days a week x

  • I would like to wprk from home too if anyone has any advice x

  • Hi Ladies

    I have recently started working from home, and the support I've had has been amazing! I was completely new to it so was worried I would be overwhelmed but so far it's been great. I'm not sure if naming company's is allowed here but if anyone is interested to know more, please don't hesitate to ask!

    When did you start working from home vicci? I find the flexibility absolutely amazing, I would really struggle with a 9-5 job!


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  • Hi Ladies!
    I to have just joined the Work From Home Mumma's Club!!
    I used to teach and I honestly felt crazy putting my children into care so that I can go teach and basically look after other kids. Also half of my pay was going on Child Care and I missed my babies so much!!
    I LOVE my new job! The support is amazing, I pick my own hours to work (usually between nap times and when Hubby is home). I am truly happy doing this!

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  • I am a mum of three and have started my own work from home busines, it's amazing! So much freedom and gets you the extra cash you need. Would not look back at all childcare used to use up all our income so there was no point in working, a part from the fact I love working! 

  • Ladies, you should look into!

    It is a fantastic platform for making an extra income during your spare time.  It's online based and actually pretty fun.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, even if I've only started with them a month ago :)

    Off to making my friday night banana cupcakes.

  • When I was pregnant at the first time, I couldn't go to the work. I had to stay at home, and this was so boring! So I started to make homemade cosmetics. It's really interesting! And not hard to do. I use only natural components, eco-friendly ingredients. I search for the recipes on the internet and try it at first at myself and if it works, I sell it. I started selling from my friends, that posted an advertisement to the local forum and now I'm selling my cosmetics on Etsy. I buy ingredients in the pharmacy and in the grocery store. The packing I've bought here: This work can't bring you a million pounds but it's easy and you can do it at home.

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