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Please help just need input x

i have three beautiful babies and always worked since 16.

i have worked at my current job for 10 years (nursery). Since having my kids I have worked part time as had a unsupportive x partner that i could never leave the kids with.. Well all that has gone and have a great family unit I think.

since have my last baby a year ago I have returned to work full time in October 14 where I thought it would be easy to do as had hubby around a lot but now he has to work away 3-4 nights a week . My eldest goes to a child minder and my other two come with me to work .iam out the house from 8 till 6.30 so you can imagen the getting up and going to bed times are fun...iam finding so so hard now I feel like Iam never on top of anything I feel Iam not being a good mummy as don't get that time with the kids iam so up and down with moods and now my children are picking up on it or just being naughty to get my attention please help as feel so so lost????


  • Hi there,

    I know how you feel. Before I had my son, I used to work in town and there was the commute, and the cost of travelling, plus childcare. My daughter was with a lovely childminder. So I saw her a couple of hours in the morning, then she was with a childminder from 11 and her father picked her up at 5pm and by the time I got home at 10pm she was in bed, of course. 

    It didn't help that I was unhappy at work and that, once you go on maternity, you come back to a place where it seems you never existed, well, at least in my type of industry (I am a manager in a call center).

    I was lucky enough to have the opportunity, from my company, to work from home. I still needed childcare but I worked full time from 2.30pm to 11pm so I saw my daughter most of the morning, and then when I had breaks, after her father picked her up from childcare. 

    Now that I have my son, I have reduced my hours, because I can't find a childminder for both of them, but to be fair, I don't regret it. At the end of the day, I'll never regret spending all this time with them.

    So I work evenings and one day in the weekend and I am also trying to make some extra cash selling some make up online. Is it perfect or easy? No. But I know what you mean when you say you feel lost, because I was there for a while, although maybe for different reasons than yours, but these changes have really made a difference to me. Now I have gone back to university too and I find I have a determination to accomplish certain things that I didn't have before. 

    Hope this helped a bit, even if it is to make you feel you are not alone. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat more image


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