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Returning to work full time :(

Hi, I am a mum to my 7 month old little boy and I am having to return to work full time in January and it's breaking my heart missing watching him grow and being at home to look after him daily.

I feel so torn and down about it. I dont know what to do.


  • Oh poor you - I know how you feel. I had to do the same and I found it really hard too. But you know my baby was being really well looked after and was really happy - and that   made it all Ok - after the first few days. Hang in there. It will be Ok in the end.

  • i know how horrible it is leaving your little one but like evespudding has said, you know that your little one is going to be in good hands!

    if you go back full time and are finding it too difficult is there anyway you could ask for an extra day off each week? or maybe just an extra morning/ afternoon off?

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