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Single mother of 9 month old. No family to help me and got to go back to work????

I am a single mother of a 9 month old baby, Cooper. Before I went on maternity I worked 24 hours a week nights. Returning to work they have given my shifts away and could only offer me 8-8 in THE DAY? which is ridiculius as even if I could afford nursery there's none open until that time anyway. Now I'm really worried and stressing out because I'm on 0 hours contract now so i basically don't know what to do, they give me 2 night shifts to do and my 88 year old grandad is the only family I have and he has him over night for me but he's poorly tonight so I've Had to call in and tell them I just cannot get him babysat it's unfair on my grandad. I'm so worried. 

i can't even work 8-2 because the childcare for the day is £47 and I only earn £39 a day. 

Does anybody have have any suggestions? Please help us


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