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I feel as though I don't really know where I stand so was just wondering if anyone could shed some light. I am pregnant after having 2 miscarriages both over a year a go. Needless to say I was heart broken and decided I wanted to change my job and better myself. I left my job the middle of last year after feeling I was stuck in a rut. However things didn't go quite to plan and I ended up back in my old role. There is a new store manager who I'm not quite sure where I stand with and when returning she gave me a temporary contract. I know this is all part of procedure but my contract ended roughly 4 months ago and was never renewed or given a permanent one. I've had terrible nausea and a some morning sickness and I know I'm going to have to tell work soon as it's hard to hide it when you have to keep making a quick dash to the toilet. I was just wanted to know if my job is safe or can they just get rid of me since I'm not technically a permanent member of staff?

I would be great full of anything to ease the worrying but I'm just glad everything seems to be going OK. 

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