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Maternity holiday pay

Hi, just want to ask how the holiday should  be paid while on maternity. I am taking full maternity leave.I've been working full time, but will be returning for part time. thank you


  • You earn holiday at full time rate until the point you start working part time. Most employers will ask you to take it at the end of your leave in one go.

  • I left for maternity on 16 of January 2016.We agreed that I am taking full maternity leave. So I will be returning to work on 16 of January 2017. My boss paid me only 15.6 holidays , for the period of paid maternity leave. And this what he wrote to me:

    "The holiday pay is based on the days worked in any calendar year this year from 1 jan to 31 dec  you left on  the 16 Jan to 16 oct you have accumulated 15.76 days which you have been paid for this month. Going forward you now receive no more holiday pay until you return to work and start accumulating holidays .as you should have returned back to work from the 16 October when your maternity leave finished 

    If you return and only work part time your holidays go down to 16.8 days per year including public holidays .based on 3 days a week
    If you work less than 3 day the holidays are less." ?

    Is it ok?

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