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Feel bad about new job.

Ive been a sahm for a while but thought I will get back into work. All my experience is in care but its not flexible enough. I managed to get a job for a care company. I was straight with them about hours and needing set shifts etc has I have no family AT ALL so no backup and rely on childminder completely has OHs shifts are all over the place and impossible to work around has he doesnt have a finish time. 

I sorted a childminder out who didnt mind working until 7 a couple of days a week my daughter likes her everything was fine and in place. Im due to start training this monday. I got a phone call yesterday from the team leader saying your shifts have changed your now starting at 7am instead of 10am it takes an hour to get there the childminder doesnt start work until 7 so cant do it. I was polite and said i cant do that then she started on me saying well thats what it is. Your working part time which isnt very good and you arent working any weekends all the other staff arent happy. I got upset and phoned the person who offered me the job and said Ive spent all week getting a childminder in place short notice to start training and now shes changing my shifts. The team leader got back to me and said right you can work set shifts but we need you for a weekend. I said ok i will work the weekends my partner has off. 

My issue is I was honest about the childcare from the interview. I dont need the job just want A job. Im fuming to be honest. Im scared they will change shifts alot. Im literally going to start a job where no one likes me already. I really dont want to go but OH wants me to and says if i dont like it leave. I cant get this negative feeling away. I really dont wanna go but dont want to let my OH down or the childminder


  • What you have is a common problem of millions. We can´t have what we want. Nobody has that sensitivity for others, including you and your child. It is sad to write something like that, but that is true. Try to talk to your supervisor, try to explain him how important it is. On the other hand, don´t be too complicated, because it is a path to everybody hate you for real. Go with the flow for a month or two, let them all get to know you and later you will be able to make changes. 

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