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Almost 24 weeks pregnant: How to deal with stress at work?

I'm currently 24+5 wks with my first baby, and work full-time. I head up the HR Department for my company, so I understand what is legally required from an employer's perspective when an employee is pregnant, but working in a male-dominated company, who aren't used to dealing with pregnant women is starting to take it's toll.

I've given them all the necessary information so they know what and how to deal with my situation, but they don't seem to understand the mental strain they are putting on me in the workplace. I'm not getting any assistance in recruiting for my maternity cover, nor are they willing to allow me to work from home (which I can easily do), and I always feel like I can't leave work early to beat the traffic so I can get home and relax because it's "an inconvenience" for me not to be there.

I'm just feeling so stressed with it all! I get no support even when I actually ask for it, and I feel like they are just piling the work on me because they are panicking for when I go on maternity leave, yet they are not helping me with recruiting for my cover, so I've actually got more work to do than I had before.

I'm not sure how I should handle the situation. I know I'm stressing because there are days when I hardly feel baby kicking - normally when I'm relaxed I feel movements a lot of the time.

Just needed to put all my worries down on a thread like this and get some feedback so I know it's not just me who's been through this kind of thing, and how others have dealt with it in the past.

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