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Trying to find a nanny or childminder who does school runs only - any ideas?

How easy is it to find a childminder/nanny who only does school runs?


  • Hi I’ve been a nanny and now have 3 children of my own:)

    Ive tried childminding too!

    A childminder is your best option for scl runs only 

    A nanny will charge you for a full days work a childminder will charge you per hour or a simple drop off pick up fee.

    There’s an excellent app you can download called you search for minders in your area and can read there profiles. You can put on a profile of what u are looking for too and they can contact you but u need to become a member. It covers all areas I’m in Kent and was on it it’s very good:)

    Also your local council can give you a list of registered local minders and there contact details:)

    Hope this helps and good luck with your search for childcare

    Debbie x

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