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Primary school residential!!!


I’m a primary school teacher and have had a residential to Scotland booked for over a week year with my class. I’m pregnant and will be 35 weeks when we are due to go, the head thinks I should still go but worried about being away from home so close to my due date as had my little boy 2 weeks early. It’s also 3 days and 2 nights away from home When nearing the end of my pregnancy. No idea what to do or if id Even be covered to go, I don’t want to be seen as though I’m trying to get out of the hard work But worried it will tip me over the edge! Ha 

Many advice welcome!!! 


  • Do what you feel is right. Put yourself and baby first. Your head is being very selfish in my opinion. I could barely get up off settee at 35 weeks not alone race round on a residential!! Just the journey alone would be a nightmare on your bladder! 

  • Personally I wouldn't go.. Especially with you going into labour early with your other little one. As louise111 said your head is being selfish. Imagine the effect this would have on you and the children in your care if you were to suddenly go into labour. Surely the head should be thinking about everyone not just what is easier for them.. Hope all goes well whatever you decide. Good luck!

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