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Help needed - needs nursery for my child due to brain operation - any advice?

I need to get my daughter in to nursery but am struggling with getting help as I had to hand in my notice.. My partner works full time but I won't be able to look after my little one due to a brain operation. I handed in my notice because I couldn't get any sick pay at all and we moved out the area. I will need my daughter in nursery because I will be recovering for at least 6 weeks. But currently i am "fit" to work but can't find work because they won't employ me for me to then have all that time off.. I just need a bit of advice or help please as I am getting really overwhelmed by it all. I am 27 and my daughters are 3 and 9 .. Really trying to get this sorted quickly as I can because my operation is now in the 17th May. It was originally scheduled for March 22nd but they cancelled on me the day before. I feel like telling them not to bother as I really don't know how we are all going to cope afterwards 😖


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