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Work & Childcare - salary just covers childcare, is there any other jobs i can do?


So I am currently due to go back to work after maternity soon but my childcare for 2 children will be £1,000 a month and I won’t be getting much more than that in wages. I really want to go back to work but need something that is better with childcare e.g working from home, in a school etc. Can anyone help with job ideas please? 


  • Hi there.

    Im not sure what you currently do but if your finding the child care costs a little overwhelming have you thought of turning a hobby into a business? For eg, baking and selling occassion cakes? You can also childmind from home if you get a child care qualification? That's what im hoping to do when my maternity is up in january. 

    You could also do a day release or evening class at college doing nails, beauty or something?

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do

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