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Help!!!! I want to move to Europe.

Hey everyone.
I'm in real need of advice here. I live in Russia. My the biggest dream to move to Europe for opportunity to travel freely and of course for good living conditions for my kids. I'm not affraid of my english is not so good as natieve speakers, i like learning English and speak with foreing people,when i've a free time. I like travelling a lot, for ex. last time we was living in Thailand for several months and then we come back to Russia.
The most of important things for me is taxation and government. My husband and I have a remote work in the Internet and sometimes we spent lurge sums. And i've several quastions:
1. what taxes is paid by a person who works at home on the Internet?
2. If I withdraw cash from an ATM or spend every week a lot, i mean without regular imployment, will the state have any questions for me? I understand,that it'll be, but i need to know it's just a fines or an imprisonment?3. In wich european country are you advice?We're looking for a city in UK. May be in France or Sweden, b/c we've friends there. 


  • Hey! What do you do? Discribe your work.
  • I'm in the UK. First it is hard for a Russian to get a visa to the UK without a sponsor. The sponsor will have to show they can support you for 6 months. You will also usually need to own property in Russia.

    UK income tax is 20% on £12,500 to £50,000 and 40% on £50,000 to £150,000. Over £150,000 is 45%. They will check your bank statements regularly and not paying can be either fine OR prison OR BOTH. 
  • Yes, i've a property in Russia,but we havn't a sponsor. You mean epmployer?
  • A sponsor could be anyone, it is just so they know someone will pay for you to live if there is a problem. If you own property you may not need a sponsor. Just be aware that it is hard for Russians to come to the UK at the moment. 
  • Okey, thank you very much!💐
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