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Working at Home Saves You a Lot

Hi, as I am mum who is working from home (even before COVID as well), would like to share benefits from remote job. 
Time Saver. For office workers, the daily commute is a necessary evil. To make a living, they have to spend some time to do so. Some of them take two hours—or more—to head to the office. And don’t forget the time needed to go back home. Those who work at home simply have to get ready for the day to start working. 
Money Saver. The daily commute always involves money. Whether you pay for fuel or the bus fare, you pay. Some employees spend half their salary on transportation. Walking to a home office is free, and homecooked meals can be a lot cheaper than eating in a restaurant (even an employee’s canteen).
Sanity Saver. Fighting through crowds of cars and people can be very stressful; not really the best way to start the day. Homeworkers always avoid rush hours, since they don’t have to leave for work. Even if they have to go out, they can do so when the traffic isn’t that bad, since they have better control over their schedule.
Environment Saver.  Since you don’t have to travel so much every day, that’s less energy used. 
If you work at home, I’d like to know why. What advantages or savings do you enjoy?

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