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Child minder left child outside school on her own

Just been informed that my 7 year old was left in a queue of other parents and children this morning on her own by her child minder so she could take another child around to their classroom door around the other side of school. I am fuming and feel like not going to work tomorrow but can't afford that. The problem is she is usually a good child minder and looks after my 2 year old really well and takes my 7 year old to school no problem for the past year and half. What do I do. She is due to take my child to school tomorrow and a mum at school has said she would keep an eye out and make sure she goes in ok and let me know if the child minder leaves her again. I don't know what to do 


  • The best thing to do would be to speak to the childminder. She may have informed the teacher or a teacher may have even suggested she do this. Explain you are not comfortable with your child being left and if needed would prefer if the other child was taken tk class first even if this means your child being late. See what she says and then think! 
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