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Nanny flirting :-/

Runningmom77Runningmom77 Regular
edited Jun 18, 2022 12:45AM in Childcare & work
it’s embarrassing but I need to vent about it. The nanny we use for our family who is certainly gorgeous in her 30’s has been I feel like flirty around my husband. I especially don’t like when my husband drives her home when she lives 6 houses away. My husband always claims it’s for her safety so she doesn’t have to walk back but he’s gone for about 30 minutes when he takes her. I’m I missing something or am I being too “hormonal” as my husband has been telling me? 

Thanks everyone  


  • Oh no, no,no she needs to have some damn respect for you! it's not atall acceptable that she's flirting with your husband! And as for the driving home that should stop aswel. No need for him to be bringing her home. She's is there to do a job! Have a chat with your husband. Xx
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