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Nanny assistance

Hi All
My family's financial situation is changeing during my pregnancy. I'm carrying twins and have a small child too. I am not considering returning to work but need help (in general) with the day to day bringing up the children. I would be moving away from family and friends. I have looked into the basic needs for hiring a nanny, but dont know if its right for me. Basically just to spread the load of nb twins and 10month old.
Can anyone give any advice regarding this or other child care options to suit.


  • i think the college students is a good idea. Or maybe there are some teen girls in your area that could help out for a small fee.
  • I cant advise either but just wanted to say hope pregnancy going well and i hope you get something sorted soon xx
  • lets us know what you sort out. As I could do with help as well and if you figure something out I would love to know.
  • Did you see the date on the post?Last year
    We've had 2 college students.Both were more work than help.No initiative,didn't want to get their hands dirty,and scary long nails far too close to my baby.I need help but Ithink Imighmt try sure start
  • omg I am so stupid. thanks for pointing it out, hahahaha.
  • I started to post earlier.HAD ME's just come up latest cos of the baby books post.
  • hi i am a nanny myself and we were never allowed a placement within the home. I work for 5 families mostly as a mothers help with very litlle sole charge. The parents tell me what they want me to do or want help witrh rather than the nanny having sole charge all of the time. I think the best thing to do is have a trial period as i have done with all my familes, if works it works. its worth the chance x

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