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For those who have returned to work...

...have you found that your Baby Brain has improved? Or is it still there and impacts on your performance at work?

I'm starting back next week and I'm quite worried that I'm going to have trouble and appear really dim to all my colleagues!


  • It was ok and I didn't have any problems at first, but now I'm pg with no.2 it's gone rubbish again ha ha
  • When I went back I think I did still have baby brain, but I just joked with it! Now I'm sharper then half the guys there!!!
  • I've been back since lo was 9 months. She is now 14 and I still have it!
    It has got me into trouble as well as I started a new job and have just had a verbal warning!
  • I've been back at work over a year now and seem to have my baby brain but occasionally still have a "blonde" moment!!

    like "the missus" said, i'm sharper than half the guys I work with too!!

    You telling me they could be up at 5am with a toddler, get them ready and out of the house by 8am, after hanging the washing out and having a general tidy, then work all day, pick lo up from nursery, get home, tidy some more, play with lo, then tea bath and bed lo, then finally sit down for nice glass of wine???!!!!

    Us working mummy's are heroes and we need a medal!!!!

  • I couldn't agree more with claire a belle! Platinum medals all round! Yay!

    I went back to work 9 months ago, when lo had just turned a year old. I definitely still had more than a touch of baby brain (I often couldn't find the right words for things and my memory was appalling!), but I am better now. Still not back to what I was, but lots better! I find that I have to write everything down, so if I know I have to do something, I have to write it down as soon as I think of it, otherwise its just gone.

    I have an early riser too (this morning it was 4:50 a.m.). I am out of the house by 7:25 to walk to the station. I catch the 7:36 train, and am at work for 8:30. I work through my lunch hour and finish at 4:30, running to the station, to get the 4:46 train so that I am home for 5:30. Then its milk, half of the bedtime hour, bath and bed, and on a good day, lo is setttled for 7:20. Then I make dinner, do all the household stuff etc, sort things out for us all for the next day, and off we go again!

    Its no wonder we're not as sharp at work as we used to be!!
  • Wow, when you put it all down like that it really is amazing what us mummies achieve each and every day! I seriously doubt oh could cope!

    Well tomorrow is the day so fingers crossed it all goes well. I think writing everything down that I need to do is a very good idea.

    Thanks ladies x
  • Good luck. I found that it took a little while to get used to. and I do look forward to seeing my lo so much at the end of the day, but I do enjoy my work and as I do three days a week at work, I find that gives me a good work/life balance.
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