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Help with childcare (tax credits?)

Hi Everyone!

I have a 13 month old and i'm thinking about going back to work.

I was wondering if anyone knew how much help you get with childcare costs?


Dani xxx

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  • Hi

    If u go to the HMRC website there is a calculator option on there to c what u r entitled 2. I have spoken 2 them 2day and we r entilted 2 tax credits. U will have 2 ring them 4 form, but they will ask a couple of questions first 2 c if u r entitled, u will need ur P60 and urs husbands/partners P60 also.

  • Hi, i'm not sure if it's still the same but i think they pay 70% of the total weekly cost. I could be wrong though cos it's been a while since i've worked and used this.
  • hi there, I get child tax credits and help towards childcare.

    I earn ??16500 per annum and my husband is on ??18000 and we get ??260 per month child tax credits and we have to pay ??33 per week childcare.
    if you phone them up they'll ask you some questions then tell you what you should be entitled to.
    Hope that helps
  • you get loads of tax credits i only get 120 pound a month and we earn 24'000 per month x we cant get any moneytowards nurserry either so just ring them and ask them xx
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