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TEACHERS - maternity pay help please!

OK this may get complicated but I need some help about the OCCUPATIONAL scheme not just the standard SMP.

My permenant contract with my LEA is for 2 days a week HOWEVER since April 2009 I have been on 2 different secondment contracts at different schools working FULL TIME. My current full time secondment contract ends on 31st Aug when I will already be on maternity leave and so my 2 day contract will kick in again. At this point in my maternity leave I will be on our occupational bit that gives us 12 weeks half pay plus SMP - so the question is:

Will the 12 weeks half pay continue to be based on full time as I will have been on full term contract for over a year or will it suddenly drop to being based on 2 day contract on 31st August???

Any ideas ladies??? My LEA are next to useless and I have scoured the internet but there is no advice about a contract change whilst on maternity or what this half pay is based on (everything just talks about the first few weeks 90% being based on the wage of 12 weeks before maternity starts) So I may need to ring my union but just wondered if anyone here had any ideas!

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