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Help, nursery advice for my 18 month old.. PLEASE!!

My son is almost 19 months old. We started him at nursery in Nov, he only goes half a day a week so I can clean, cook what ever.. (I'm a stay at home mummy!)
He cries when I leave and cries when I pick him up, I ring after half an hour and they say he has settled and is playing, I've seen photos of him playing but when I go early to pich him up, he's always clung to one of the staff looking really insecure!
I dread nursery days now as we both get upset, he's been going for bout 6 wks and its not getting any better. Shall I change nurseries, bear it out to see if it gets better or look at changing nurseries???
Dont know what to do.. please advise..

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  • Hello hunnie

    Please dont get yourself too worried. I worked in a nursery in Wimbledon for seven years and very often there were children that would cry as there parents left, it was very normal!! And it is true that within minutes they are fine, happy and playing. By the time you collect him, he may well be worn out from all the 'action and play' or tired and having a well deserved cuddle with the staff!! my key children always huddled with me by the end of there day, they seemed to sense the 'time' that mummy would be coming and chill out .
    I wouldnt move nursery just yet, its very probable that he has began to form a bond with the staff there (especially if he clinging to them)and it will be even worse starting somewhere new... you say he's been going half day a week for 6 weeks... thats really only 3 whole days so far in 6 weeks so give him time.
    i hope it improoves for you soon hun, if you become any more fretful then just do what you feel is right for you and your lo xxxx
  • i was going to say the same thing. give him more time hun. I know its hard. Is there any way the nursery would let you stay (out of sight) one week just to watch? big hugs to you hun xx xx
  • Hi, I'm looking to start sending my little boy to nursery in August when he will be about 20 months and a friend who works in a nursery advise me to send him for at least 2 days a week as from her experience less than that meant they really struggled to get used to it.
    Not sure if that is practical for you long term but maybe you could increase it a little short term so he gets more used to it and happier with his independance? xx
  • Definately give him more time to settle. cole started 3 days a week mid november and it did take him about 4 weeks to settle - some days he grizzles when i leave but most mornigns he happily waves me off. He does still sometimes start whimpering and crying when i come to pick him up but I jsut tell him to stop being a big soft lump and give him a cuddle and he's fine - I think sometimes its just the sudden realisation of 'ooh mummy hasn't been here all day!'

    So long as he settles quickly I'd try not to worry - I know its hard when you have t o leave them crying but personally I think its good for them to learn to be somewhere without you. Liz has a good point about its possibly not long enough he's spending there. Could he go for a full day instead? Dunno about your nursery but mine isn't much more for the full day than half a day.
  • Thanks Mummies, Daddy took him last week and he settled a lot quicker, going to take ur advice tho and increase his time there for the time being till he settles.
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