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Should I give up work

Hi Ladies hope you and your little ones are all well.

I know that ultimatelyt this has to be my decision but I would really appreciate your opinions.

My little girl is 15mths and when she was 11 and a half mths I went back to work 2 days a week and put her into a lovely nursery for those 2 days. However, since starting nursery she has been constantly ill. She seems to be ill for a week to 10days then well for a few days then ill. Not only is this awful seeing my little girl so poorly but it means that I have to take time off work. I know I have rights and that my boss can't sack me but it doesn't stop me worrying. She's currently on antibiotics for an ear and chest infection and a few weeks ago she had a sickness bug. It really does seem never ending. The doctor has assured me that its building her immune system and that it means she won't ill when she starts ill but I can't help but feel guilty.

I just can't decide weather to give up work and stop her going to nursery in the hope she doesn't pick up as many bugs or to just perservere with things and hope she stops getting poorly.


  • aww bless her, hope shes ok. i wouldnt say give up just yet i know its horrible but her immune system will get better, she just needs a bit more time to build it up.
    its inevitable really because whether she does this now or when she starts school, there will always be an enviroment with lots of children and lots of yuckys!
    just a thought but if you really are worried would you consider looking at a childminder instead? ive never used one but my friend does and her lo loves the lady that looks after her! they generally tend to have less children than nurserys, (my friends has 3) so maybe a lower chance of her picking up bugs constantly? just a thought, sorry i couldnt help more! x
  • I personlly wouldn't give up. Kids r always catchin bugs especially now winter here with lots of colds goin round. Its is so horrible seein them poorly but I think it's good to build their immune system whilst they're young, cos then hopefully they won't get ill so much when they're at school at it'll start to matter if they have to have days off.

    Em's suggestion of a childminder mite b worth a try, but tbh my lo used to go to a childminder and now my sis (who has 3 kids) looks after her and she still has quite a few colds. Hope ur lo is better soon x
  • I know it's so horrible when they're not feeling well, but i think they'll pick these bugs up whether at nursery, or a childminder or just at toddler groups, softplay etc.

    I'm a childminder and i feel bad sometimes that my lo gets exposed to the germs the other kids bring into the house, but then he doesn't get any more colds/bugs than his pals that don't go to a childminder or nursery. As I've said, they'll still pick them up at toddler group or at their friends houses so unless you'd give up work and stay in the house all day (doesn't sound much fun to me!), then you risk them getting ill. It's just the time of year where there's loads going around unfortunately. Roll on spring time!
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