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bit of advce please ladys

hi ive just been docs with my 13mnth old and have been told there looking out for signs of cereble palsy and i was just wondering if any of your lo have it and if so what were the early signs


  • Although I don't have a child with CP I'm a teacher looking after children with CP. It is a condition that can vary greatly. Some kids aren't affected much while others can be profoundly affected. Different people notice different things first. Some signs can be not meeting their milestones as far as motor development (sitting, crawling, walking, eating etc). Maybe using one side of their body but not the other or using only their arms and not their legs (as different types can affect different parts of the body). Some children may have seizures, not using their eyes properly or when you pick them up their legs cross automatically.

    Every child with CP is totally different. Do you mind me asking why this is a posibility?
  • dont mind you asking at all shes always been behind a bit physicly she didnt sit up until she was nearly 11mnths she doesnt really wieght bear very well and when she does her left foot is slightly twisted and her knees back rather than slightly forward she also stiffens.all the doc said was come back in 4 weeks to see how shes doing as shes looking for signs of sp and if nothings changed she will refer us.
  • Faith, all the best with your doctors appointments and keep us posted. It can't be easy when someone is saying that their might be something wrong. The important thing is to give your little girl as many opportunities to practice sitting, standing etc and to keep her mobile and active. Helping her to practice bending and stretching her limbs will also be good and should help her not to stiffen up.

    Keep me posted and big hugs xxx
  • thanks nico xx will keep you posted im trying to get her to stand abit more but she doesnt always do it sometimes she just gets upset but ill keep trying
  • I've just been on a course called MOVE which helps children who are not yet reaching their physical milestones. They say the most important thing is giving the child a reason and motivation to sit/stand/walk. Is there anything that she loves to do and would maybe let you hold her standing up during it?Like play with toys on a table or play with water or something she enjoyed?
  • im trying to put her toys or the tv remote lol on the sofa and she will get up on her knees she will stand sometimesbut only for about 30 seconds
  • That's a good place to start! Trying to increase the amount of time she will do it will make all the difference! image
  • its so nice to talk to u i feel like the doc dropped a bombshell on me and sent me away for 4 weeks to worry and ask my self a series of what ifs
  • No matter whether or not she has CP the most important thing is to tackle her problems- and it seems you're doing a great job already!!! I hope the 4 weeks don't drag in.

  • hi???? wanted to up date you took lo to docs as it was keeping me up at night worrying and she said she doesnt think shes got cp just that we have to keep our minds open to the possibility also talked to my oesteopath and ive booked hr an appionment as she seems to think that she could yell me whats going on with her so ill let you know xxxx
  • Sounds promising. Most important thing is that you find a solution to her problems. I hope the oesteopath has some answers for you.

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