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Dyspraxia in toddlers? (also in toddler)

Hey, I've not posted in here before, but just wondered if anyone had any experience with Dyspraxia in a toddler? ds1 is 2 half and his speech is slow to the point of being non existent! HV has kept an eye on him since 15m.

We were referred for speech th in the new year. We've now been referred to the Child development centre at our local hospital. We're seeing doctors and being involved in a playgroup with specialists to help. They are questioning dyspraxia and I'm not sure what it is. I have googled it, but there doesn't seem to be much out there! I know it's something to do with motor skills, social skills and is related to autism (I think!).

Not what I need when I'm suffering pnd after having my 7m old!



  • My youngest is 3, he has just been given a diagnosis of DAMP which is a mixture of dyspraxia, aspergers and ADD, it is really difficult to diagnose a child as young as they are and most paeds will give a working diagnosis rather than a 'proper' diagnosis, Try and ask if there are any support groups in your area or other parents with children with similar problems as it can be a frustrating and lonely route xxxx
  • Thanks! I'll know more once we've seen a paed.

  • Hi I'm sorry I've no idea what dyspraxia is but my son is also 2.5 and can quite literally only say about 5words and that's relatives names! 'mama, baba, nana, tata, arrrrrr' he is visually impaired too though but we don't know to what extent. I don't know if it would be of use to you but we go along to 'sing and sign' (there's also 'tiny talk') in our area, it's sign language aimed and babies before they speak but as my son is delayed they let us on the course. It's done wonders as it's allowedy son to find a way to communicate through sign. We're under a speech therapist a d she also got me signed up for a makaton course which was surprisingly easy to remember. I hope you get answers soon and didn't mind the suggestion image
  • Thanks for suggestions. We did a sing and sign course, but because he struggled with his co ordination signing ends up frustrating him more than trying to talk, so we dropped it! I agree, it is such a good idea!
  • Sorry, there's another form of communication beginning with p... I'm sorry I can't remember it's name but if interested I'm sure your hv could find out, or maybe someone on here. It's basically a pack of cards with images on and lo selects the card in relation to what they want. It sounded quite interesting I'm just sorry I can't remember the name, because of my sons vision it was irrelevant for us.
  • They are PECS cards, stands for picture exchange communication system, your speech and language therapist should be able to give you advice on them.
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