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hello, first off, how are you and how are the family doing? zachariah is 9 months now i cant believe it time has flown by so fast. hes still got visual problems although we've not been given any new diagnosis since dvm, thank you so much for your initial responses, they really helped start me off and as you've probably noticed the thread has really taken off, turns out there's quite a few of us.

Anyway i vaguely remember noticing a thread where you had mentioned to someone about some sort of disability payment aid or something, i am not asking for myself but someone i know was talking of a friend whose daughter is not expected to make it past 4 if lucky 7 and they said they cant get any sort of financial aid until 3 as you cant be registered disabled until then or something like that. well, i dont know if that was right but thought you were the person to ask as i'm sure you were clued up on it when advising someone else about some help you could get for adapting your house or something so was hoping you could point me in the right direction so i could pass it on. i've tried to look it up but have got nowhere. thanks (no worries if it wasn't you!)

hope all ok image


  • thanks so much, i'm so glad i wasn't making things up and it was you who knew what you were talking about. image i'll pass the info on, thanks.

    i know 9months, finally out as long as in but wow has this year gone by fast, you must feel the same though with alex .

    Family are ok but the drs have reached a dead end with reasons for his visual problems so it's just a waiting game now, probably going to be referred on but don't know whether the outcome will be any different. i tend to update on the dvm thread which ive noticed you come in and out of occasionally so doubt i need to go into more detail. really hope your lot are all doing well too
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