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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Just wondering if there are any mum's on here who's children have or you or somebody might think that there child has ADHD....
My daughter is 5 in July and the nursery the other day asked me if I'd mind if they could get a HEalth visitor to come and look at her to see if she might have ADHD or anything esle under lying... They said that she is on the go the whole time and when it comes to story time she won't sit and listen to the whole story that she gets up and moves about... Now at home she sits and watches TV and she will sit and do puzzles and draw etc and I don't seem to have any problems with that, she is on the go the whole time from the moment she gets up, when shes awake the whole hose has to be awake, but I was the same when I was little....Lol....

Not sure if she is bordering on ADHD or is she just a very active child, the nursery have made me very unsure and now I keep thinking that maybe she does have something wrong with her, they have upset me due to this, but I suppose its better to get her checked out to see if there are anything there and then they can help..... You just don't want ot think that there is anything wrong with you childen and you want to help them in everyway you can.....

Just wondering if any other Mum's have been thro this or if ther child has this and what advice you can give me so I can help my child get on....

Thanks for reading this anyway...... image


  • There is more to ADHD than not sitting still for a story so please do not worry too much, maybe she just doesn't like the story or it's too long!

    ADHD is usually more prevailant in boys, but girls do have it too. How is she following instructions, does she have a sense of danger?

    The health visitor will be able to see if any further referral is needed, try contacting your loca Family Information Service or the Parent Partnership Service for help, support and guidance.
  • hi i know that when you are told there may be something slightly different about your child its very worrying but having adhd is not as bad as it sounds its hard work for the parent/parents i have a 10 yr old that has adhd i also have 4 other children that will be monitored for it as i myself have adhd having this does not mean there is something wrong with me or my daughter and its never majorly interefered with my life although it does make personal relationships harder all you can do is get your daughter the support she needs and always be there for her ;\)
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