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any1ns baby have a gastrostamy or ng tube?

hi ya just wanting to no if any mums have to tube feed there babys wud love to chat to u and share idears and storys relating this subject xxx


  • I don't have a baby with a peg but I have 2 children in my class who have them. For them it was the best decision their parents have ever made (their words not mine) and the boys have thrived since having them in. They were 2 and 4 when they got them.
  • Im new to the site so just looking for helpful ideas. My son currently has an NG tube. How did you get on with tube feeding? Any ideas for getting them off it?
  • hiya my son has a gastrostomy he had an ng tube for 6 months before this and the gastrostomy is so muchbetter but its so hard to deal with image
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