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Delayed development with DVM

My son is now 4 months and has had terrible problems with his tummy - grumbling almost 24 hours a day since birth. We noticed he was not looking at us or smiling and took him to see a paediatrician at 9 weeks. She confirmed that he may have a problem with his eyes but was also concerned that his movements did not seem normal; which I always put down to the fact he is so uncomfortable most of the time. We have had MRI scan, blood tests, eye tests and hearing tests which have all come back normal. We are seeing a physio who thinks he is not developing properly because he has not found a way to be still and hold his head in the centre. We are now waiting to see a neurologist and gastroenterologist and just hope it is due to bad eyes, which are improving - he does smile most days as long as he is comfortable and he is very strong, but still very disorganised with his arms and legs, and hardly stops wiggling with discomfort.

Has anyone experienced anything like this - it is very distressing and it is hard to really enjoy him?


  • i'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time with everything at the moment. i dont know if id be of any help but am here if you want to chat.
    my son has been diagnosed with suspected dvm (hes 6 months) but as he still cant see things we are still waiting for more tests.i am sorry but i'm a little confused about how the discomfort could be linked with your sons sight, is it pain or just hes not happy in certain situations. i know for us the problems at the moment are more to do with no interest in lifting head/rolling/grabbing things because he cant see the things to be interested. he also hates to be left alone and needs to feel someones presence or music or something. i think in our case it will be as time goes on delayed development would become more apparent as at the moment i guess most babies dont do much.
    i think no matter what is wrong with a child it is always hard when you know things are not quite right, and personally i think not having a diagnosis makes it even harder to come to terms with, as you're not quite sure what youre meant to be coming to terms with. if that makes sense! the fact that all the tests have come back normal so far i would think is a good thing even though it has still left you in the dark. i really hope you get some answers soon and that your little one begins to settle. As i said if you want to chat i'm here, thinking of you both
  • hi my youngerst daughter is 18months and has had delayed development. i had a bad pregnancy in that she wasnt growing and was plodded on until 34 wks and induced. rachel was 3lb 2 and there was no obvious problems as expected at birth. however i noticed she wasnt making milestones like her brother a year older but knew she was small and premature and not to compare etc. we knew something wasnt right though and at 8mths the health visitor got concerned too and finally agreed. we seen a paedatrician and whilst noone wanted to diagnose we knew it was mild cerebal palsy caused by leaving me in labour too long knowing she had problems and should have been sectioned. i was left for 12hrs with no pain relief in agony. rachel is 18mths now but doesnt speak, walk or hold her bottle or feed well. you wouldnt notice though unless you knew as there are no obvious visible signs just her physical development delay. shes still small for her age but determined and does things to adapt her way such as bouncing on her knees to get about. alot of things she can recognise and others her understanding is not so great at. people can be cruel and i hate the word retard as she isnt. people are just ignorant. shes a miracle baby and we could have lost her. we are now going to ,learn signing but i see that as apositive thing. please dont get disheartened. we got frustrated at the begining especially with health professionals who dont want to know until school age. your baby is lovely and you need time to get to know one another just like any baby. i hope things work out for you and wish you well but he will grow from strength to strength and progress. menphys have been great so its hard but be patient. my child was hurt through the hospitals negligence and my partner has found things hard but give it time.
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