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Fed up

I'm fed up of people staring at my son he's nearly two and has a varitey of health issues including a small eye and being deaf.
I get people staring at me like I'm mad when I'm sigining to him.
Is any one else getting this problem? Prehapes the next campaign should be to get people more aware of children with disabilities as a figure i read the other day rekons there are 174 children a week born with some degre of disability!!


  • that sounds like a good idea, i'm forever getting tired of the way people look at me when i'm down on my knees talking to my son he's 7 and autistic and unless i get down to his level and hold his head still to talk to him he doesn't notice that i'm trying to get his attention, and don't even get me started on if he has a tantram in the street i swear i'm going to get him a t-shirt saying 'i am not naughty i'm autistic' cause i've had all sort of comments ranging from what a bad mother i am to give a slap that will sort him out. my nephew has an ideoscopy bag and hydrocephalis (sorry about spelling) and there have been teachers who have said they would refuse to teach him and even the kids don't accept him properly and they are only 4 and 5 so they should be too young for prejedice unless they learn it from their relations, sorry for ranting this is a subject very close to my heart...anita xx
  • Hope you don't mind me butting in, but I had to say something cause I am soooo shocked that people react like that, plain and simple it's them who have the biggest issues. Just remember you are doing an amazing job. Lots of love.xx
  • vicky you have a few options with dealing with this... many people who look have many reasons why they look and not all of them are bad/negative.. you will always be 100% defensive when it comes to your son (and should you be! :\) ) but sometimes if people see me signing they're interested but don't want to ask incase they offend me... but then I'm a starer too... if I see a child with a splint for a walking frame etc I always stare :roll: not because I'm being horrible but because I'm usually looking for a make & model to see where they get them from! I don't ask because I don't want to interupt them.. lol :\) or if I see a double buggy that has a older child in it (as I"m 25 weeks pregnant & will need one soon) I look at them too... but then I too hate it when people look at daniel's splints etc. It's not the looking that bothers me but the not asking but then sometimes people do ask has he broken his arm, I just say in a matter of fact voice "no he has cerebral palsy it's his splint to keep his thumb straight" :\) usually their face is a picture as though they've offended me, so I usually follow that up with a :thanks for asking though as it's better than than just staring like some people do don't feel bad for asking!!" so hopefully they'll not be scared of asking someone else... I think if someone is staring with a look of pity that p*ss*s me off! & if they say anything like "aww isn't it a shame..." I have a mile long of insults & put downs at the ready :\) I always say to them "no it's not a shame I wouldn't change him for the world" daniel is 17 months old now and I have devloped a thick skin when it comes to comments, but it is how we deal with them that will determine how daniel will deal with them when he's older. If I get all upset everytime someone stares or says something then he will too.. I'm trying my best to make myself deal with them it postive way for his future as he'll have it for the rest of his life... I try to educate as I go along 1 person at a time, daniel goes to a special needs play group & a mainstream play group every week and he loves both! As he's getting older his problems are getting more obvious (he still doesn't walk) but that doesn't stop him from trying to get involved!! lol :\) he is so stubborn & determined but so far we've had absolutly no bad comments from other parents/kids yet... I know at some point he'll get them I just hope he gets my sarcastic streak & gives it back to them!! :\) lol take care xxx :\) rememeber you have one beautiful boy and don't let anyone wind you up :\)
  • sorry vicky just realised actually how much I wrote to you...! lol :roll: hope you don't get eye strain reading it... xxxxx
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