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two of my children have Autisum.

Thanks Anita. Sophie has an underactive thyroid to and she is on Thyroxin,the doctor said she will most probably be on it for a long time. Shes a very loving girl, but talk about mood swings at times,my goodness,talk about if looks could kill!! If she carrys on having too much trouble with her periods it will be back to the doctors,she was only off for 1 week. My eldest is having trouble with them too,(rebeccas 23 and has 2 little lads)

When your a mum it doesnt matter how old they are you still worry dont you. Luke is starting with the sniffles,bless him. But he doesnt know how to blow his nose,thats one thing he cant do,i keep showing him,but it just hasnt clicked. How is Jason doing? I hope he is well,and the other children too. How is your baby bump? I used to hate being pregnant but i didnt mind the birth!!!! very strange.:lol:

love jayne.x


  • that's how i feel this time round definatly the worsed pregnancy of the lot i been in and out of hospital all week with severe sickness but the thought of actually giving birth doesn't bother me at all. jason is doing ok he had a fantastic day at school on monday, i've got to see an incontinence nurse or something about him soon as he still bedwetting nearly every night as he doesn't reconise the signs until the last possibe minute and he is too deep a sleeper to wake up, the others are great we're trying to find out if we're entitled to any type of respite as robert is finding it really hard at the moment as he is constantly competing for attention. it's heartbreaking he puts up with so much and asks for nothing really but it would be lovely to be able to spend a day with just him. i know what you mean about the nose blowing jason hasn't had it this year but last year if i told him to blow he would just blow the tissue [it was very funny to watch but stressful to teach him to do it right and he probably won't remember now anyway]. Anita x
  • I'm ok, hows Maddie now, was that number any use to you. how did it go with the senco [sorry about all the questions]. hope your ok things quite calm in my house at the moment Jason is obsessed with his gameboy and it's easier to let him get on with it than to try and take it of him when he's been attached to it for 3 hours but there will be tears and screaming fits at bedtime and he's got bloodtests tommorrow so that will be fun it took me, my husbands and 2 nurses to hold him still last time for someone so small he is strong. good luck with the EEG results and everything else. Anita x

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  • Maddie has a DS and it has been a God send. It is the only thing that can keep her calm. I love it!
    The SENCO did not really say anything, just that they would refer her to another agency. But MAddie came home yesterday to tell me she was pulled out of assembly and had to speak to a lady she has never seen before. When I asked her teacher what was happening, she had no idea. She thought I had asked for her to leave assembly, been advised to talk to SENCO, but she is not at school until Monday, so I have no idea what is going on!
    I hate the way no one seems to want to tell you what is going on. How are you finding things?
  • It is a constant battle with the school at the moment he's not to bad as he has a teacher who is wonderful with him but the school are treating it as tho he is cured but i know when he moves up in september there will be hell to pay as its the same every year just this year his teacher has done training with autistic children so she knows how to cope. downside to this is all the time he is doing well in her class the school are refusing to apply for statement of special needs guess it'll have to wait another year, do you have a good family liason officer as they are usually quite helpful at finding out whats happening. take care. Anita x
  • guess what everyone after all the hassle i had with Jason after finding out i was having a boy, we went for a 4d scan on friday and they said we're having a girl so back to square 1. i guess we'll find out when i have him/her.
  • Ahh bless, as long as the baby is ok i dont suppose you will mind if its a boy or girl. I was always told "we"re not 100% sure,but think its a boy/girl"

    All the best,jayne.x:\)
  • Jason is really happy as he doesn't want another boy in the house i don't mind either way anyway i'll find out soon enough. Anita x
  • Hello to you all. Its been a crazy few days here. I have been backwards and forwards visiting my dad in hospital,and doing shopping for my mum. Dad should be back home tomorrow now all the care plan and equipment is in place.

    Luke has been full of cold bless him, i think at times he really felt sorry for himself,then i started with abit of it,but touch wood, it has gone now.

    Hope you are all doing well, and the children are happy and well too.

    jayne.x :\)
  • jason is hating half term but i expected that anyway so we're just keeping him really busy, we went out for a meal this evening and my husband thought it would be a good idea to give him chocolate sauce with his pudding and now he is bouncing off the walls, apart from that all is going well got a really busy week ahead but at least it makes the pregnancy go quickly. i hope Luke gets over his cold soon. Anita xx
  • Hi. Luke seems to be abit better today,hes not coughing as much now. I know what you mean about the chocolate sauce the same thing used to happen to luke,and if he drinks pure orange juice too. Luke gets abit bored in the holidays as its still too wet for him to play in the garden. Sometimes i just take him out for a drive. Its my youngest Bethanies 14th birthday today,so my eldest Rebecca will be down later with my 2 grandsons, Luke smiles when he sees Becca and the boys. Luke and Becca were always close even though there is 6 1/2 years between them. She tells him off when he has one of his hissy-fits,as he does when he cant have his own way,typical male really!!! :lol: Take care, love jayne.x:\)
  • i have had a nightmare day today it will take far too long to type it all out again but if you look on the pregnancy forum at the post named disruption!!!! you'll see what i mean, megan isn't well either and shes permanently on my knee so i'm not getting much done luckily jason is on his gameboy so i haven't heard a thing from him all morning.
  • Hi Anita. I have read your thread about the disruption you are going to go through. You poor soul. The council always pick the wrong time to do things dont they.. I hope you and the children will all be ok. Try not to get too stressed about it all,at least its being done before the new baby arrives. I like the picture/avatar is this the new baby ? Soooo lovely. I would of liked to have had some more children,but it wasnt to be. I count myself lucky to have the 4 i have. Luke is over his cold now, i think he will be glad to get back to school on monday. How is jason doing,and the other children too,and you and the bump. Take care, thinking of you, jayne.x :\)
  • thats the baby still don't know the sex but i don't really mind anyway i only wanted to find out for jason so he could get used to it but he'll have to wait til i have it now, i had that scan done yesterday it was amazing you can see so much and the baby already looks like the others did when they were born,i managed to get the kitchen and bathroom packed today so i got boxes all over the front room but i just keep thinking of how nice it will be when its finished makes it all worthwhile, all the children are well and apart from feeeling really tired a lot i'm fine did you get any snow where you live last week jason hated it and so did megan though she was fine until she realised it was cold, how is luke finding school at the moment and how are the others....anita xx
  • Hi Anita. Glad you and the children are all well. Luke is fine thanks,he is watching big cook little cook on tv at the moment. He is getting on at school fine thanks,if there is any worrys they ring me. It is difficult at times with Luke having no speech,except "mum-mum, no no no, and the odd da" so it is a worry at times. The scan of your little baby is brilliant, you can see all the features, i have shown it to Sophie and Bethanie and they are really impressed. They are ok, i will be glad when they are back to school though,they argue alot. Thats children for you. My eldest Rebecca and her fella have taken the 2 lads to Butlins this weekend,having some family time together,it will do them all good. Better get the dinner sorted,all the joys of being a mum and wife,i get the joys of cooking the sunday roast. Take care Anita, i hope jason gets on ok at school,does he go back on monday? Is little Megan at nursery? Love jayne.x :\) P.S sorry forgot to answer your question, Luke loved the snow he always has, i was hoping it would be deep for him but here in Derby there wasnt that much.
    jayne.x :\)

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  • mine seem to spend most of their lives arguing but i'm used to it and its not jason and megan ever always jason and robert or robert and megan but i think its the age gap because my sister and i were exactly the same until we became adults.i get out of cooking the roast for a few weeks it will be lots of dinners out thats one good thing about not having a kitchen for a little while at least i gives me some time off. yes jason goes back on monday and megan will be at nursery inthe mornings so it wont be too bad for them here as the workmen should be gone by the time they get back. where abouts in derby do you live, lots of my family live there and i lived in nunetan when i was little (sorry i can't spell at all) we didn't get alot of snow it had mostly gone by lunchtime.......anyway i may not have to cook but i had better finish packing the kitchen and bathroom before tommorrow.....anita xx
  • Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you may be able to help me...I think my 9 year old daughter is on the autistic spectrum....who on earth do I see first to get her looked at? My G.P. is hopeless.....can I take her to a clinic somewhere or do i need to see a specialist??? I just don't know where to start!! Thanks, Claire x
  • hi claire... you'll need to get a referal from your gp to a specialist paed... It is your right to get refered even if the gp disagrees as by law we are entitled to 2nd opinions. what has your gp said in the past about your daughter? what I would say is don't give up and stand your ground with your gp if they don't want to refer her. good luck xxxx :\)
  • My G.P. says it didn't sound like autism to him.....She has attended three different schools in the last 2 years and one teacher thought she had ADHD but I refused to listen at the time (typical of me!)the other two schools told me they think she is on the autistic spectrum. Since researching it myself, it sounds like autism to me too! i think i'll see a different G.P. and get a second opinion. Thanks for your advice, I just didn't know where to begin! I might just go private if i don't get the results I want. How are you wenders, I haven't seen you in a while, you're due in june too aren't you? Are you well? Thanks again x x x
  • hi claire.. yes due june 10th :\) feeling fraught with stress at the moment so trying to keep myself busy out of the house doing stuff, plus had loads of appointments with daniel (they all seem to come at the same time! ggrr!) have a look at this.. autism and adhd are linked but the autism spectrum is so vast I don't understand how a GP can so "No it's not that!!" A specialist will take a while to observe behaviour patterns before making that conclusion! What I'd do is start a diary of her behaviour. what you think triggered it? what they were doing when it happened? etc as any consulatant will want to see that. :\) I know a woman who's 2 boys have adhd, she controls them by dealing with behaviour patterns, as she tried the meds with them and it didn't work for them. But like I said it doesn't matter if you disagree with your gp, they have to refer you if you push for it... Those who shout the loudest tend to get what they want (I learned that the hard way with daniel!) If you can get into see another GP at your clinic then go for it! Keep pushing for it, I'd stay with the nhs for the time being as it will be the nhs that sort out any help she might need at school if they find a dx. You could always pay for different tests later if you need to. make that appointment at the gp's and let me know how you get on...xx :/) ps. just found this too, don't know if it's useful...

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  • hi claire as you can probably see by reading the prevoius posts, i had this problem getting my lad diagnosed a good thing to do is to google [email protected] and you'll find lots of info on autism and if you become a volunteer (that is fill out a couple of questionaires) you can download the lists of questions that health proffessionals use to diagnose asd's then take a copy of that to your doctors and demand he refer for diagnosis, i had to cause hell for my doctor to get him to agree but i'm glad i did. also have a look on the National autistic society website and they have details on how to get a diagnosis, if you really are forced to go private look in your local yellow pages for a child pychologist as this is who usually makes the diagnosis and if you are right then you can always sue the nhs after for negligence (or more specifically your doctor). out of curoisity what sort of thing does your daughter do? if you need anything else just ask i run a parent suport group for parents of autistic children because there was so little help available in our area so i've got loads of info on it if you need anything.....take care....anita xx
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