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any advice on cf

my daugther has had all the signs of haveing cf but i dont have a clue what it is or is it life threating oa any thing so any information would be great thanks and has any one had too take there child for a sweat test


  • Don't Google CF hun as it will just worry u as there are many degree's of severity depending on each individual.

    The Sweat Test thingy, I copied this info......

    children need to be brought in for a sweat test to distinguish disease vs carrier status). The diagnosis of CF may be confirmed if high levels of salt are found during a sweat test, although some false positives may occur.
  • Hi- My son had the sweat test too which was neg, there are lots of things which give similar symptoms so try not to jump ahead & think the worst. CF is a serious condition but with careful treatment & monitoring I think it is much less a worry than years ago.
    Good Luck x
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