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George in his frame - with shoes!!!

Hey ladies,

Don't know if anyone has ever had one of these, but George has now got a 'Monkey Frame' - basically a large contraption that enables him to stand up straight, while wearing his very trendy new Kicker boots!! It's meant to strengthen his legs (which are already incredibly strong anyway!!), but we were worried that he'd be too small, as Down's syndrome children don't usually have one of these for another few months yet!!! Luckily he's just about big enough, although we had to get the smallest boots that they sold in the shop - awwwww!!! And when he's not in that, he quite happily stands at the sofa - bless!!

S x


  • How clever !!! Hope he likes it x
  • We have a standing frame, not sure if it's the same, we strap him in and he can stand up strait and play at whatever we put him in front of. Paul has piedro boots from hosp which keep him stable and his feet strait. hope george like his frame paul complains when I put him in but likes it when i give him a favourite book
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