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tippy toed

I have just been told that my daughter who is 17 months old is going to need to wear special shoes as she cant walk unaided, and when she walks around the furniture she walks on the tips of her toes. The physio also tested her reflexes and has now refered her to a peadeotrition as she was not happy with the results.
I am desperately worried, have so many unanswered questions and to be homest dont know where to turn for help and support.
I feel guilty for not realising that something was wrong earlier. My daughter was moving around from an early age, she has excellent speech and sings twinkle, twinkle little star, and has a wonderful personality. She is a very happy child, but will this hold her back in life. I would appreciate any advice that you could give me right now as I do feel pretty much alone and in the dark right now.
Tara x


  • sorry i can't offer any advice as not something i'm familiar with, i just wanted to say you shouldn't feel guilty, why would you know, the point is its been picked up now and with any luck sorted quickly, as for holding her back i would imagine it will only hold her back if you let it. children are fantastic at adapting and deal with these things so much better than adults. when i was in school there was a little boy of 6 with no arm,however the children thought he was the coolest in the class because his rubber arm made the best fart noises!
    i think it's like when your child falls over, if you suck your breath in they cry, and if you laugh they laugh. i really hope you find the answers youre looking for, also have you tried googling it you may find a chat room somewhere full of parents with similar questions.i use but someone else on here found people at yahoo. your little girl will be fine and so will you, thinking of you and take care of yourself
  • thanks for your advice. I found it really helped, Its funny how you cant think rationally when your going through it yourself. I'm very grateful for your kind words of advice and I feel a lot better about the situation now. So again thankyou
    tara x
  • i know what you mean, it's difficult to step out of a situation and have a good look at it when you're the one going through it all but i am really glad you're feeling better about it all and hope things are moving fwd for you and her, best of luck with everything
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