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Update on George

Hi all I havnt posted on here in a while as it has taken me a while to get my head around things at home.

For those that dont know me my son george who is 13 months old now was diagnosed with profound deafness at 9 weeks old. He has had hearing aids since about 2 weeks after that!

The hearing aids have no affect on him and we have had so many appointments and different tests and now we have had the go ahead from the surgeon and the funding for his cochlear implants. The operation will be next month or very october at the latest!

It has been a difficult 13 months for us as it has been an emotional rollercoster and to be honest not had too much time to think about how I feel! I have gone through so many different feelings of anger, guilt, frustration, resentment and many more. It was discovered he is deaf through being starved of oxygen in labour and the fact that he hadnt grown inside me for 5 weeks and should have been born early even with regular scans it took me to pullup the consultant about these issues before them realising!

George is a right terror, I think because he gets frustrated he has such a temper on him and is a large boy so overpowers me when he goes off on one, but is also very happy and smiling. He has been walking since about 11 months now and is very confident and when he does things he is very knowing much to our annoyance sometimes as he is cheeky with it!! I am so proud of him for overcoming different barriers they thought he would be slow walking due to an imbalance but has been very early with it and is very independent!

I just feel so grateful for my little man being here as things could have been so different for us after his birth!

Anyway I hope everyone is well and I know there is not much point in this post but had to write things down! xx


  • Sometimes writing it out helps I know that.
  • Hey!!
    It's been a while since I've seen you around! I'm glad that George is doing well! I have seen piccy's on FB! He is beautiful!!

    I cannot eben beging to imagine how you feel about these awful mistakes made by the hospital-I just hope that you are in time able to work through them as a family and be more at peace with everything!

    Take care!
    Lydia and Lillith xxx
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