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mri scan question

hello, so i just have a question (well several) from you mummies who've been there and done that, sorry! zachariah has finally got a date for his mri, next tues (20may) i am petrified, :cry: i know i shouldn't be as it may mean we get to the bottom of it all, but i'm still a little nervous and worried.
Anyway because he's now a bigger baby at 5 months + they said they will sedate him so we have to fast for him to be there at 8.30 and then his scan is not until 11.30. i've been looking up on internet about what they do for sedation and all i can find is that they are given gas, is that right? are needles involved? are there likely to be side effects afterwards? and aside from the fasting will it be very traumatic for the little one or will he be ok? is it something that will take a few days for him to recover from? i'm sorry to ask so many questions but when i asked them for information i was told i would have it all talked through when we are there..... that's great, but i'd rather go in slightly prepared for what's coming so i'm not so shocked or upset if that makes sense. image any answers or suggestions on ways to make it easier for him would be really appreciated, thanks.

really hope all of you and your little ones are doing well and enjoying the summer weather image


  • Hi, i've not had a young baby go for an mri scan but i didnt want to read and run, my son had to have an op when he was 2 and they used a needle to sedate him but i honestly dont know about sedation of babies, sorry i cant be of more help and good luck for you both hope all goes
  • well, thank you anyway
  • hey hun how did the scan go? My son had an Mri scan at 3 months and yes it is just gas its a mask that goes over your little boys face and keeps him still while he goes through the scanner. i found the worst thing was not giving him anything to eat was the hardest he just screamed because he was so hungry. Ashton got over his mri starigh away it was forgotten after he had his food, but i still treated him went out and got him some new toys haha.
  • thanks for asking, well, Hospital, was an absolute nightmare, everything went wrong and I'm livid.
    Zachariah had to fast from 2am as he needed 6 hours before sedation and we were arriving at 8.30 (unfortunately his usual feed is around 5am and 8am so at 2am he took around 45ml not much). Anyway when we get there they push us from person to person because for some reason the letter said the wrong place, when we finally ended up in one place they took a good hour to find the notes.(turns out we only have to be in for 8.30 because that's when dr start they're rounds and some patients don't turn up !) The mri was scheduled for 11.30 so he was being sedated at 10.30 ( which meant I could have given him another feed before leaving!) At 10 they said there'd been an emergency case so we'd be delayed by about an hour. Fair enough, however after 2nd emergency, (personally I felt starving a baby for near on 12 hours was an emergency, socail serv. would've had me for that!) Eventually after my poor baby had been fasting for 11 hours they gave him chlorophyll at 12! to sleep. He did, and so at 1 we went down for mri (having slept for a good hour, we were kept hanging around and he'd woken up) the mri people took one look at him and said -well we can't do it today now, look at him!' I was furious as far as I am concerned it was all down to their incompetence and had I known we were going to be delayed that much I could have actually given him a feed at the hospital. Anyway they said because he now needed feeding and had to have empty stomach for meds he couldn't have anything more, esp as so little they were scared of double dosing him. So he has to go back and they are going to give him a general anaesthetic next time as he woke up ( but he was bloody sleeping they just took too long) Anyway we left, fuming, and he only went and slept for another 1hr30, I even shook the pram to see if he'd wake. So basically I took him to hospital to starve him and give him a fake sleep. And now am waiting to go through it all again but worse because general aen. I will not be patient with them next time though if they start playing us around.

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